5 Top Tips First-Time Drivers Should Read

Did you know that drivers are more likely to experience an accident in the first two years after passing the test? That’s because their inexperience and lack of knowledge could cause big or small mistakes on the road. For this reason, we’re providing five top tips that first-time drivers should read.

  1. Use the P Plates

Many first-time drivers are often reluctant to add P-plates onto their vehicle, as they want to blend in with the more experienced drivers. Yet, this can often be your biggest downfall when driving on the road alone for the first time.

The plates will highlight to other drivers that you might be a little more hesitant at a junction, and they might be more willing to forgive a sudden stall on the road. As a result, they will be more likely to give you more time and space, so you recover from a mistake. All drivers need to start somewhere, so don’t be ashamed to add the P-plates onto your vehicle.

  1. Consider Pass Plus

Do you want to build on your driving skills and knowledge? It could be beneficial to embark on a Pass Plus training course, which is designed for new drivers. This will teach you how to handle various hazards, which can boost your confidence on the road. It will often take six hours out of your day, and may comprise of six modules, but the knowledge and self-assurance on the road could help you become a better driver.

  1. Buy Breakdown Cover

Many first-time drivers are often so busy paying for a vehicle, car insurance and road tax that they can forget about breakdown cover – or they simply want to avoid another vehicle expense. Yet, it’s a must-have policy for every driver, as even the best cars in the world can break down. It’s also important to note that a policy doesn’t have to be expensive, as there are some affordable personal, joint, family and vehicle deals on breakdown cover.

  1. Beware of Penalty Points

No driver wants penalty points on their licence, especially first-time drivers. Unfortunately, if you accrue up to six penalty points of more on your driving licence within the first two years of passing your test, it’s likely that your licence will be automatically revoked. To recover your driving licence, you need to reapply as a learner driver and resit both your theory and driving tests.

  1. Basic Maintenance

Every driver should learn the basics of vehicle maintenance, which will allow them to prolong the life of their vehicle while preventing breakdowns. For this reason, we advise you to learn how to change a tyre, and you should also regularly check your vehicle’s vital fluids, such as water, brake fluid, coolant and engine oil. You must also regularly inspect your tyre pressure, taillights and headlights. If in doubt, take your vehicle to a reputable garage for a service.

Do you have any words of wisdom to pass onto first-time drivers? Leave a comment below.

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