5 Ways to Level Up Your Exterior Design 

Interior design is a popular topic, one that sees countless magazines and Instagram pages dedicated to it. 

It’s hardly surprising we put so much thought into the appearance of our home – it’s where we spend most of our time, and should reflect our unique sense of style. 

But in the process of perfecting the Great Indoors, our home exterior often gets forgotten. If you’re looking for ways to liven up the outside of your home, check out these five fab design tips. 

1. Outdoor decking space

Want an outdoor space that is fully functional and looks great on the ‘gram? 

A covered decking space is ideal for hosting summer barbecues or enjoying the rain on wet weather days.

And with winter coming up, you might not want to spend too much time outside. But with some cosy outdoor furniture, a nest of blankets and a hot beverage of your choice, your decking could be the perfect place to pass a winter’s eve. 

2. Ornaments 

Outdoor ornaments are not just for your granny’s garden. 

Though they’re hardly a feature you’d associate with the height of modernity, there are many stylish ways to insert adornments into your outdoor space. 

Mood lighting is a great way to hone your perfect atmosphere. And with garden lanterns, you can transform your lighting into the perfect centrepiece.

3. Rendering 

If your exterior walls are looking a little worn and inspiring a grim sense of dread every time you pull up outside the home, you don’t have to simply put up with it. 

Rendering is a great rescue for that tired old brickwork. As well as its practical benefits, rendering solutions from the likes of Direct Building Products are available in a range of colours and finishes so you can pick the perfect shade to suit your tastes. 

4. Keep off the grass! 

Some homeowners prefer a pristine green space to come home to every day, while others favour nice sensible, no-nonsense paving. The latter is ideal if you have kids or pets who are liable to ruin your neatly mowed lawn, whilst the former is perfect for summer. 

Unfortunately, greenery requires a certain amount of maintenance, so it may be worth investing in a gardener to keep things nice and orderly. Or take it up as a hobby yourself and become a green-fingered god or goddess! 

(There is a third option – artificial plants are your friend!) 

5. Welcome the wildlife 

Greenery will go a long way to inviting God’s creatures to your garden. 

Meanwhile a bird feeder is not only a fabulous ornament, but a functional feature for any wildlife lover. 

Butterflies will flock to your flower arrangements, and local hedgehogs will thank you for a serving of cat food should you wish to attract a prickly pal. 

Though not strictly a décor tip, a few nature buddies are sure to liven up your garden – just tread lightly so as not to scare them away! 

These are just five top tips to make the most of your home exterior. 


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