5 Ways Toddlers are like Rock Stars


Toddlers. They really are a law unto themselves. I do love this stage though. G is so feisty and strong and his determination is amazing.

It has got me thinking though how similar toddlers are to rock stars so here are my top five ways that toddlers, especially mine, could definitely give any rock star a run for their money.

1.They throw things out of windows. Unfortunately our living room is on the second floor so, if the window is open, it is fair game. Thankfully it hasn’t been the TV or himself but we’ve lost a few toys down the drain and had to retrieve a fair few more.


2.They have rages and trash things. Not just throwing themselves on the floor. This one throws anything else within reach-toys are the usual target.

3.They dance like no one is watching. No one else but a musician and a toddler can totally lose themselves in the beat and bust moves like a trained dancer. One of my favourite things to see.


4.Think it’s only rock stars that can have food fights? You want to see my kitchen floor after every meal. We’re talking plates, food-the lot.

5.While with toddlers may be high on life, milk and sugar rather than sex, drugs and rock and roll, they can still crash and burn like the best of them. One minute they’re running around like lunatics, the next they are snoozing. Just time for a hot cup of coffee to help me keep up.


  1. Haha, so true!! I get so fed up of picking all the food off the floor…I honestly don’t know how the manage to do it every single day, I’m surprised any of it actually manages to be eaten! xx

    1. I know! Sometimes I wonder whether to bother sweeping up as it will be the same at the next meal but I do. I just wish the dog would eat every thing, it would save a lot of brushing up 😉

  2. They really are divas.. the only difference seems to be that we are their unpaid PA, bodyguard, chef etc. who always has to clear up the mess! Loving the rockstar sunglasses x #maternitymondays

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