1. Lol my son loves the word BATH! I guess I am lucky. He used to be bad with the BYE though, but now he’s three and he’s gotten better (but there have still been tears). We often spell out words so he won’t understand 😉

  2. Can’t believe I have only just found your blog – how great is it here! Love the way you write – and man alive, the solution is definitely b-e-d for the kids, and w-i-n-e for the grown-ups! Great post, will be sure to check out more! x

  3. Great stuff!! I think I must’ve erased from my mind the words that used to trigger strops in our house, I can’t remember any. They’re much fewer now, thank god!! Although they can now figure out the words we spell. Damn it!

  4. hahaha! Even though we’ve been “diddy” (dummy) free for nearly a year, we can’t say the word out loud as it becomes an obsession for the next three days. GIN.

  5. Brilliant! We have to spell out Bath or my eldest runs straight to the bathroom expecting it straightaway! She hasn’t caught on yet…

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