Tryin not to peak too soon


So it’s December 1st on Sunday and I have dusted off Boo’s Advent calendar.

I bought her one of those reusable wooden Advent calendars last year. It is cute but on reflection, I still buy a chocolate one to put into the reusable one.

So as of Sunday there are 24 sleeps until the big man arrives.

I am telling you this now to make sure I stick to it.

I will not peak to soon.

I love Christmas and often start feeling festive in October. I am sorry but it is true.

I have had a cinnamon and clementine smell in my oil lamp and Christmas candles around the house for some time now and I got my Christmas decorations out at the beginning of November-see previous post:

Last year, the tree and all the decorations went up the first weekend of December but by Christmas Eve, I was totally sick of them.

So this year I have decided to wait a week.

When I was at home, I moaned and moaned and moaned for my parents to put the tree up but they would only ever do it the weekend before Christmas (if I was lucky).

I suppose as a mother myself now, I can see why they did it, but I’m sorry, I couldn’t wait that long.

I will not peak to soon. I will not peak to soon. Well, maybe just a little tinsel around our cow head….


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