Culcheth Victorian Day 2013


Every year, the village of Culcheth near Warrington holds a Victorian Day at the end of November.

It happened today and it is a lovely day for all of the family.

Local business owners and their staff dress up in Victorian attire and it ends with a Santa procession, carol singing and the switch-on of the Christmas lights.

As it was cold and Boo’s little legs don’t walk for too long, we went down after lunch to have a look.

This will be our second Christmas at the farm so our second Victorian day and it didn’t disappoint. Everyone is so friendly.

There was a Christmas fair in the parish hall (think raffles, a tombola etc) and Fr Christmas was in the Methodist church. Last year it was mayhem seeing Santa but whether we went later or there were less people there, it was much better.


There are also stalls along Lodge Drive and a big stage where the carol singing and switch-on happened later on.

It is really nice seeing people come together as a community. We all have busy lives so for one day a year at least, people do seem to smile at each other.

Culcheth is an affluent area in the most part. The top prize in one of the school’s raffle prizes was an i-pad mini (I hope I win that!!). However today, all everyone came together to celebrate our community and start the beginning of the festive season.

Why not try for yourself next year?



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