A bit of sheep lovin’ down on the farm

I haven’t written about ‘proper’ farming for a while. I suppose #farmbaby2015 has overtaken what I’ve got to tell you about but that all changed yesterday as love was in the air at the farm.

The rams went to spend a few months with the ewes (lady sheep) for love, companionship and maybe definitely more.


Our four big boys weren’t so keen getting in the trailer so we had to use food to entice them in.


The problem being that you can’t explain to them that they really, really don’t want to miss out on this trip.


Minty our pet lamb (now a full grown sheep) lives with rams and we had a right problem with him last year when the rams went on their annual jolly. We found him outside our back door one morning bleating because he was lonely.

Thankfully he has a friend this year, one of this year’s lambs who needed a bit of TLC and Hubster has agreed they can stay together until the rams come back. I have warned him that we are getting attached and are on the verge of naming him. He just laughed. Is that a good sign? I’m not sure.


Plus it means we can actually go in the field with Minty now. While the rams aren’t a vicious animal, they could knock us over if they felt like it so at least we can go in and pet Minty a bit now.


So off we went to the field of the females-how romantic does that sound? It was like a scene from a romantic comedy all slow-motion with cheesey music playing in the back ground.


Then, I’m not going to lie, it turned into a bit of a porn film.

In their defence, the rams haven’t seen the girls for a year, apart from at shearing and even then, they couldn’t get near to them, only see them.

Sheep are pregnant for around five months so the lambs you may see in February and March were from mothers mated much earlier than ours but we like them a bit later so it is not as cold.

So for the next month or two, the rams and ewes will be making sweet music all ready for some more of these beauties in about April.


Please do not disturb.



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  1. We have sheep – 3 of them this year!! We no longer breed after our ram became too vicious towards me (think comic film with me running and him chasing … only he had horns!) so we decided to just buy in a ewe and lambs in the spring. It’s much easier but I do miss lambing.

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