1. Lol, N is the same about correcting people. He lambed his first sheep the other day (twin1), his uncle pulled the other one out. He d been waiting to see one born and was gutted on the lambing trip with school as they didn’t see any (the morning school that went saw 4 being born).

    I have to say though, I don’t get involved. I used to when sheep or cattle needed moving. But now they have 4 nephews who’ll often be around to help and I work elsewhere. I definitely wasn’t made to be a traditional farmer’s wife.

    It’s definitely a great life for children. But unless you either have a child who wants to do other things, or have a husband who will take time off to do normal things (mine could manage it if he wanted, he just won’t) I worry that it’s a very insular unreal life to teach N that there is life outside farming. And that if he wants to farm and have a normal relationship with someone who doesn’t want to be a traditional farmer’s wife he will need to understand that and make an effort outside of the farm.

  2. Love this post Emma. Not just because of your love of farming but because you enjoy the life you have – the good and the bad. Not many people can say that.

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