All Quiet On the Baby Front

If you compare the blog posts I write between now and two years ago, there is a bit of a difference. Two years ago, I had just had our second baby and I wrote loads about babies, having a newborn and all the things that come with that.

Fast forward two years and our third baby and I have hardly written about baby J at all. I have asked myself why quite a bit.

I think the main reason is that, for me, while all children are different, babies are essentially babies and the newborn stage is the same whether it is your first baby or your 17th.

I have been conscious that people may not really want to read about sleepless nights for the third time.

It has been different this time though for many reasons. Baby J is the most pleasant, happy little thing and he doesn’t even cry in the night for a feed. He gurgles. How cute is that?*

Being the third, it also means our night time antics would be shared if we were to sleep near the others so we have slept in the living room for almost four and a half months. Him in a Moses basket. Me on the sofa

Some people couldn’t believe this but it has worked for us-albeit with me grumbling some times but Hubser is definitely in the ‘there’s no point in us both being tired camp’ and I do put a high value on the sleep of the older two.

G is still in his cot. He is not quit two and a half and I remember the horror of moving Boo into a bed when she was two and the almost impossible task of keeping her in said bed. I was not so hasty to move G.

He could climb out of the cot if he wanted to but he wears a sleeping bag (I didn’t use them with Boo) so the restricted leg movement means he can’t quite get his little leg over the side. Long may that continue.

As Baby J grows, Hubster did remark that he has started to look like a sardine in the Moses Basket so other sleeping arrangements have had to be found.

Thankfully my mum had a cot at her house which is smaller than G’s cot bed so it was duly transported to the farm and I ordered a new mattress.

We put it in our bedroom and I have enjoyed a few hours in my own bed. Yay. Little J has enjoyed more room to stretch out too which is good.

The living room is not deserted yet though. If after feeds he has not settled, I’ve padded back downstairs so as to keep the rest of the family asleep and the baby now has a little crib down there to sleep in.

There is no real point to this post really, sorry about that but despite me not writing about baby number three as much yet, he is definitely here and we are so happy to have him. Of them all, he is so far, the easiest to look after by far-especially as he is the only one who doesn’t say no. Long may that continue too.

*Please note we, as yet, have no teeth. I am under no illusion that the cute gurgles may go out of the window when that happens.

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