When is the Right Time to Wean?

I am a firm believer in the fact that the more babies you have, the more laid back you become.

When I had Boo, I knew nothing. I think you definitely wing it with your first. They are the trial run if you like.

I weaned Boo at 17 weeks. I know. It seems so very early now. She had slept through for a couple of weeks and then started waking up and I naively thought this meant she was hungry.

The beloved spoon

Added to this, I had my mum saying she weaned me at 12 weeks which is just what they did then so I know I weaned her too soon. At 17 weeks, I don’t think babies need food, no matter what people may say.

If you are a first time parent and are wondering why your baby is waking more often, google baby leaps and wonder weeks. There are now cycles in brain development that can make your baby wake more and become a bit more settled.

As Baby J hit 17 weeks, it did hit me that Boo was having her first tastes at that age but government health guide lines recommend that babies should be given milk only for the first six months and I even had a letter from the health visitor around this time advising me not to wean too early.

I’ve never been one to do anything too technical with my kids when it comes to weaning. I know a lot of people are in either the baby-led camp or the spoon feeding camp.

My camp has a bit of both. Spoon feeding while providing a variety of finger foods on the high chair tray and I will do this again with Baby J. I think this way allows parents to know how much food their baby has eaten while still allowing them to feel textures and fee themselves.

I actually see no point in weaning when no food goes into the baby’s mouth. That’s not weaning in my book, it’s just paling with food. While I am a big advocate of leaning through play, I also think at six months, babies do need more sustenance for development and energy.

I actually love weaning so I am looking forward to it but I am in no rush to start.

I think G was about 20-22 weeks when I gave him a bit of baby rice and I am just going to play it by ear with J.

Maybe its because he is probably my last baby that I am clinging onto the baby days for a bit longer.

I actually love weaning though. I think it is my favourite stage of having children. The looks on their faces when they try something new and unfamiliar. As well as that adorable look of satisfaction when they are full.

Not to mention their mucky little faces.

Weaning is a Messy Business-check out Boo

So while I definitely rushed weaning with Boo, little J will be waiting a little bit longer for his dinner.


  1. This was a lovely read! I must admit being a first time mum mare it a hard decision of when to start. with peer pressure from parents it doesn’t help as they’re information contradicts what the HV says. I think the best advice is follow your babies cues – My lo used to mimic us eating our food and cry if he wasn’t involved so that’s when we tried!

  2. Emma, so lovely to see your little one arrived, what a scrummy little fella, I have been thinking about weaning of late, Emmie is 22 weeks (I think) and I came across your post! Great read – My mum keeps saying to me she can’t believe I haven’t weaned yet as she weaned me at 16 weeks!! Emmie seems happy, Finlay was weaned by 6 months so I will do the same I think, start introducing a few little things over the next 4 weeks so, she is having a good lot of solids at 6 months 🙂

    1. aww thank you. I know. I think I am putting it off even more because I think he is my last one 🙁 I must be babying him a bit longer-intact much longer than the other 2. Lovely to hear from you

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