1. This was a lovely read! I must admit being a first time mum mare it a hard decision of when to start. with peer pressure from parents it doesn’t help as they’re information contradicts what the HV says. I think the best advice is follow your babies cues – My lo used to mimic us eating our food and cry if he wasn’t involved so that’s when we tried!

  2. Emma, so lovely to see your little one arrived, what a scrummy little fella, I have been thinking about weaning of late, Emmie is 22 weeks (I think) and I came across your post! Great read – My mum keeps saying to me she can’t believe I haven’t weaned yet as she weaned me at 16 weeks!! Emmie seems happy, Finlay was weaned by 6 months so I will do the same I think, start introducing a few little things over the next 4 weeks so, she is having a good lot of solids at 6 months 🙂

    • farmerswifeandmummy

      aww thank you. I know. I think I am putting it off even more because I think he is my last one 🙁 I must be babying him a bit longer-intact much longer than the other 2. Lovely to hear from you

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