Siblings July 2017

I feel like the time since the last Siblings post has been quite uneventful.

The weather has been lovely so there has been a lot of playing out for the siblings and haymaking for Daddy.

We always go and have a picnic in the field with Daddy when he is busy. Our picnic this year fell on Father’s Day so it was lovely to spend time with him as, for the children, due to early starts and later finishes, lunch was the only time to spend time with him that day.

It is becoming more and more apparent that wherever Boo is, G is not far behind.

He is hot on her heels at all times and they get into a lot of mischief together-mostly food related. Boo will reach into cupboards or open the fridge and together they will help themselves.

I have been trying to curb it but it can be quite funny. My discipline is obviously lacking.

We spent a morning strawberry picking at a local fruit farm which was lovely albeit with few strawberries because the weather had been so good and everyone decided to go.

We also spent a day at my parent’s house when my cousin and her boyfriend came over and my uncle was home from London.

The children adore their family and had an amazing day running around my mum and dad’s garden.

The baby is loved by all. G is still a bit rough but both older children love him and his giggles and smiles are reward enough for them to entertain him whenever they get the chance.

We are currently winding down for the school summer holidays and waiting to see what adventures await us on the farm.

We have no clear plans but we hope for nice weather. Either way, I can’t wait to see what the siblings get up to next month.

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