Amazing Brows with Benefit


I’ve never pretended to be anything other than a farmer’s wife and mummy on my blog. Mainly because, that is what I am.

However before I was that, I loved make up and fashion.

When I went to America for three months when I was 21, I used to joke that Boots may go into liquidation in my absence due to the sheer amount of make up I bought.

Motherhood has curbed my spending but not my love and, with a rare outing this weekend, I have been doing my homework.

It has been probably five years since I last went out (I don’t count Hubster’s ‘big’ birthday last year because we were home for 10pm due to his over-drinking) and, while I have had a keen eye on what the celebrities are doing make up and fashion-wise, I haven’t actually had a go.

The bee in my bonnet at the moment is my brows.

You see I am not naturally blonde.

I know. Quelle horreur!

So when I went blonde in my early 20s, I plucked my brows beyond all recognition believing having no brows may make people think I was naturally blonde. I know. I know.

So now it seems big brows are in but I have nothing to work with.

I was flicking through the internet earlier this week and saw one of the TOWIE girls with lovely big brows so, with Baby G asleep and Boo playing, I sneaked upstairs and drew black eye liner where my eye brows should be.


I giggled to myself and went down stairs, sitting, nonchalantly where I had been.

Boo did a double take and burst out laughing. She never misses a trick that girl. ‘Mummy! Black eye brows,’ she chirped.

Hubster was more forgiving and said I looked better so yesterday, I went to Boots after picking Boo up from nursery for baby milk and to browse the fake tan and the lovely girl at the Benefit counter caught my eye.

‘Oooo do you do brows?’ I asked.

Well, she sat Boo and I down at the counter (G was asleep in his pram) and the magic began.

She put eye cream, primer, foundation and bronzer on and then did my brows.

photo 2

She really was amazing and was so nice to us both. Boo looked in her own little mirror the whole time with one of my lip balms out of my changing bag.

She used Brow Zings on my eye brows which is a nifty little kit containing two brow colours, two brushes and a pair of tweezers.


I followed her closely when she did them to ensure I could copy at home and then put some High Brow under my brows to add to the overall effect.

I was so impressed and she finished off the look with some They’re Real mascara which, really does make your eyelashes look false (hence the name).

photo 1

Being the make up junky that I am, I also came away with a Coral Isla blusher just because I couldn’t resist.

photo 3

Don’t all fall off your chairs, I won’t be swapping my Country Life for Vogue Closer all of the time but, even farmer’s wives need to glam up every now and then and I’ve even got the pout down to a tee.


Move over WAGS, the FWAG is here.

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