BABY Born Brother Soft Touch – REVIEW #AD

Of all of the children, it is the youngest who has never had much to do with babies-mainly because he is our baby. He always shows an interest in them though so when Baby Born by Zapf Creations got in touch to offer us a BABY born Soft Touch Brother, I couldn’t say no.

With a vinyl body and new movable knees so he can stand on his own, there’s so much fun and role play to be had with Baby born Soft Touch Brother.

He comes with a comb, a sippy cup, a bracelet (with a matching one for the child), shoes, clothes and a hat.

I allow my children to play with whatever they like. Pink is a colour and, I truly believe that for well rounded people of both sexes, it is wrong to promote dolls just for girls. How can boys become father role models, should they want to, if someone has told them dolls are not for boys?

Baby Born Soft Touch brother has been renamed Bobby. I have no idea where they got that name from but care for him has been taken very seriously. My daughter’s doll cot has long gone having been used as a sledge by the younger ones so they made Bobby a nest where he could sleep and combed his hair for ages.

We love Baby Born. Bobby doesn’t need batteries, he can be bathed, he can drink from his beaker, cry and has super-stylish hair with which I tried to encourage my little one to have his hair cut. “Just like your doll”.

With its lifelike functions, your BABY born Soft Touch is perfect for realistic role- playing games. I love his size. He just seems really realistic and my own baby (I think I will always call him that) really showed his caring side with the toy. It also encourages fine motor skills as children put his shoes on and get the cup in his mouth.

Baby Born Soft Touch Brother is suitable for children over three years old and has a RRP of £49.99.

*We were sent this doll for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.


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