1. Great post and I’m glad working so well for you! I already know for baby no 2 I will get a sling. Didn’t for my first but I think will just be so much easier!! Will bear this one in mind xxx #maternitymondays xx

  2. I’m still unsure whether I want to try baby wearing or not, I never did with my first and we managed ok. It does look like it makes life a little easier having two free hands though! Love that they help others too xx

  3. I have just purchased a Mei Tai carrier but have yet to wear it out and about yet, I am still getting used to wearing it around the house, I’m hoping it will be useful for when we go on hols though 🙂

    Helen – #maternitymonday

    • farmerswifeandmummy

      I’ve got a Mei tai too but I don’t like the way his legs are in it yet-mostly because he was breech. I think it will be ok when he’s a bit bigger

  4. I have a Rockin Baby sling to try with this baby, I am looking forward to giving it a go! I have always loved my Beco Soleil, which is much more structured, but am always happy to try something new!

  5. I absolutely loved baby wearing. I originally only bought my sling for dog walking because, like you, we don’t live on pram-friendly terrain. I ended up using it all the time though because my little one loved napping close to me. Some days it was the only way I could manage to prepare a meal. I love the sound of the rockin baby sling, just disappointed my baby is now too heavy for me to baby wear.

  6. I can understand why you thought babywearing was a bit of a cult! I love babywearing but still even find some of the conversation surrounding babywearing a bit overwhelming sometimes. I’d not heard of that company but I love the sound of the mother to mother scheme. Nicki x

  7. Third time around and I have finally invested in a baby carrier, I love mine, yet to wear it in the house though but it would be a darn site easier than trying to cook and bounce the rocker with my foot! #maternitymondays

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