Back to School, My Way

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So it’s back to school time. I used to work at Clarks many years ago and I can only imagine what it will be like this weekend.

Boo is back at nursery now. They have held a few extra days at the end of the holidays to ease them in after the break.

Thank goodness is all I will say about it. My house is tidy for those three hours she is away and the glee and happiness she had when she ran up to greet her teachers was adorable.

As it is nursery and not school however, I feel we have missed out on the back to school frenzy this year.

She doesn’t have to wear a uniform and obviously all drawing equipment is provided. It has got me thinking though of the excitement I felt going back to school after the summer holidays.

Yes really.

The new, clean exercise book which had never been written in. The new pens and pencil case, protractor (I don’t think I ever used this other than to scratch things onto my pencil case).

I’ve mentioned before the only school bag I can remember is a draw string one from the Body Shop which stank of Dewberry and White Musk, the bottles of which had probably smashed in said bag.

I liked tin pencil cases. They started off lovely and clean but inevitably, boredom set in, probably in maths, and I would spend my time tippexing the inside of the lid-just ready for me to write all over.

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So, this year, with no back to school to look forward to, I decided to have my own back to school.

Clueless came out in 1995, the year before I left school (I know, I know. Despite not looking my age, ahem, it is 20 years ago next year since that movie, the mantra of my life came out).

I loved it. Dressed like Cher, drank diet coke out of a can with a straw. Bought a fluffy pen.


photo 3I think you will agree the resemblance is uncanny-even now. 

photo 1

I also took a trip to Paperchase and bought myself a new notebook-handy for blogging notes; a little pink eraser-just because it was cute and…a pink fluffy pen-just to make me feel 15 again.

photo 4

I am hoping the notebook will be like opening a new exercise book at the start of a shiny new year.

I just hope I don’t get any spots.



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