Bunny babies and Silkies



I feel as if I haven’t updated you on the petting zoo recently and it’s moved up a gear in the last couple of weeks.

I can just smell spring and spring to me means babies.

The sheep are fattening up ready to produce little lambs (just for me) and, after several weeks of observation, I think Coco and Clover the rabbits are female.

So, to try and encourage beautiful bunny babies, just in time for Easter, today we got Carrot. Another mini lop who, I hope, will make bonny bunny babies with Clover and or Coco.

Now when first introduced, the scene was like something out of an X-rated rabbit movie. They were all humping each other.

Hubster dryly said ‘I bet they’re all boys’. Who knows. If, in a month, there are no signs of bunny babies then I am going to have to find an expert who can sex rabbits. Until then, I am hopeful.

I also told you about the bantam chickens that flew up a tree. Well, two days on, four of them are still perching in a tree.

Cookie, my favourite bantam (tough Cookie) was very bloody and had one eye shut from horrendous pecking (they don’t call it pecking order for nothing) so I removed her and she is on her own which, I am told is the wrong thing to do but I wanted to give her some chance of recovery.

We also got a lovely white Silkie cockerel which I have named Gok.

We have had a Gok the cock before who sadly met his end but the new Gok is so striking and fluffy that, I’m afraid only Gok as a name would do.

Saturday will see the collection of my 10 ex-battery hens and then, apart from some Silkie hens, I am done with my petting zoo (who am I kidding?!).

Unless Hubster finally gives in and lets me get pigs.

So maybe in the not too distant future, we may have bunny babies and chicks.

I love spring. 



  1. Oh no, poor cookie. I hope she’s ok so! My parents have Silkies, they are so fluffy aren’t they? Hope everything goes well with this Gok and your new silkie hens x

  2. I would have done the same and removed one of my hens if they were in a bad way. Megg the Jersey Giant I hatched is the only new one to my existing flock and she gets bullied a bit by the others by day but they all happily roost right next to her by night. I hope one day to have a small holding.

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