1. Oh gosh that sounds so traumatic, I hope you’re ok and you’re able to the hospital counselling team about it. It may help to get it out to them as I know from my first section that these things have a habit of creeping up on you later xx I hope the fatigue does ease and you’re feeling back to your happy self soon x

  2. Throw all those feeding woes out the window lovely, you have a happy healthy bubs & you being happy too is what matters.

    Your hospital experience sounds far better than mine (having trouble writing the story, birth itself great, hospital not!) we got moved to the ward with a bed for the night at 2am just after we’d got to sleep! He was born at 14:39, wish they’d just left us on labour ward, would have been easier. Xx

  3. Oh Emma, I’m sorry you went through all of this, and that you still aren’t feeling yourself. Have you thought about going to the doctor? It sounds like you might be anaemic. Please don’t beat yourself up, both Boo and Beb are very lucky to have such a lovely mummy. Hope you’re feeling brighter soon xx

  4. Emma I started reading this but I still cannot read birth stories due to the traumatic caesarean birth of my boy (14 years ago) I think if we’re all safe and well at the end then it’s been good. x

  5. Sounds like you had a really traumatic time.
    I felt similar after my section. I’d previously had 2 natural births and hated the very idea of having a c-section. I felt like I’d failed my twins and it made me feel a bad mum too. I’ve no idea why though as I know it was the safest way for them to be born.
    Does your hospital have an after birth thoughts service? Might be worth chatting things through with them x

  6. Oh goodness me, what an experience. I’m so sorry that you went through all this and with such lack of compassion from the staff. Horrible. I’m very sure that in time, you will just remember the good bits and the bad bits will become a blur. Just think what you now have at the end of it 🙂 xxx

  7. Oh, I got teary reading this! I had two c-sections and with my first my daughter’s blood sugar was low too. They had to test and re-test her by poking her little foot and over and over, I had to feed her from an eye dropper (but only every so many hours) and just felt so guilty. I just wanted to say that until reading this I had forgotten most of the hard stuff. I hope this memory fades for you too. Lots of hugs, you went through so much for your little guy be very proud of yourself! And I’ve got your back on any stupid ‘too posh to push comments!’ They are stupid and demeaning on lots of levels.

  8. I almost had tears reading this, I feel so sorry for your horrible experience. I had an emergency section and also had an upsetting time after birth, but my baby and I are great and I feel stronger from it. I did have the fortune of lovely hospital staff, which makes all the difference. I did find the whole birth and hospital stay very overwhelming, but as time goes on I hope you can look back on the positive things that emerged x

  9. What an awful experience. I had 2 emergency sections 6years apart (one more traumatic than the other) I really wasn’t expecting the length of time it took to recover. At one point after my now 10 month old it hurt to breathe, every time I took a deep breathe I would be in tears.
    I’m so sorry you had the experience of hospital. I hope that you are now enjoying your time with your beautiful baby xx

  10. Oh, you poor thing! I was so happy when I got to the last bit to read that your beautiful baby boy makes you so happy, and that you want to remember the good parts about the birth. I’m so sorry you had an awful experience when it should be a happy, memorable event. I send you best wishes for a full (and hopefully speedy from now) recovery, positive thoughts and hope that you can treasure all the wonderful memories xx

  11. Oh my darling you poor poor thing. Well done for being brave enough to write it, it sounds like a horrible experience that could have been made so much better with better communication and some compassion! I can’t believe that other lady’s husband was allowed to stay just because she couldn’t speak english… but actually I think it’s dreadful that dads aren’t allowed to stay 24 hrs when a mum has had a c section as it is so so hard those first days and nights and after my first c section I too spent most of the time in tears and received little to no compassion. The 2nd was better, probably because I knew what to expect – I totally agree with you that expectations are the downfall of mothers! Huge hugs lovely and well done for sharing your story xx #MaternityMondays

  12. Sorry you had such a horrible experience. I’ve had two C-sections and for me the worst part is staying in hospital afterwards – I just wanted to go home right away #maternitymonday

  13. Oh Emma, I’m so sorry you feel this way 🙁 I am absolutely petrified about going in for a c-section, it’ll be my first and the episiotomy I had last time was bad enough. I can’t imagine a midwife lacking compassion but unfortunately some of them do. As long both you and the baby are healthy, that’s all that really matters. I’m hoping that it won’t have any lasting effects on you, but it’s posts like this that make people realise that c-sections should not be taken lightly, and that everyone has different experiences in hospital. I hope you feel better about everything soon xxx

    • farmerswifeandmummy

      Oh I’m so sorry you shouldn’t have read this. The section wasn’t the worst bit I promise. You will be fine xx

  14. I am so sorry you went through this, what a horrible experience! I would neve say a section is the easy route – how can a major operation be easy?! I hope the fatigue goes away soon xx

  15. I’m so sorry you had such an awful experience. I think you must have just been a little heart broken things went a bit wrong and that’s why you cried so much. The hospital just sounded awful and to leave you so upset is terrible. I hope in time the tiredness will pass and you can move on from it. Time is a good healer and like you said looking at your beautiful boy makes it a bit easier xx #maternitymondays

  16. Oh Emma, I am so sorry you went through this – what a traumatic time for you and I feel so sad that no compassion was shown – yes it might have been busy but a little compassion would have made such a difference and being warned about the iodine affecting breastfeeding should have been done much earlier. I agree with previous comments that it might be worth getting your iron levels checked in case this is contributing to the fatigue. Well done for having the bravery to tell your story and I hope writing it down has helped too x

  17. What a horrible experience. The worst part is definitely the lack of compassion shown to you over a number of days. I think it’s terrible that you weren’t warned about not being able to breast feed after the scan and that they let you cry uncomforted. It’s just the opposite of the support you are told you will have after having a baby. No matter how you give birth, these things would trouble any mother. I can understand why you haven’t wanted to talk about this part and hope that now you have it will help you move on in some way. Sending hugs x

  18. I’m feeling for you so much reading this – I know it’s still early days so please be kind to yourself and give yourself a chance to heal emotionally as well as physically. Thank you for being brave enough to share your experience. Mim x #maternitymondays

  19. Oh Emma, what a time you had and I’m so sorry your experience was so negative. It can re all ruin those first heady days. And I do think it should be a one and all rule in the hospital, all Dads or no dads regardless of level of English spoken #maternitymonday xx

  20. Aaah sweetheart — I’m sorry you’ve had such a torrid time. I had my twins via c-section and my experience was poles apart from yours. It’s so unfair that you had to go through that — and it’s a shame that all hospitals aren’t offering the same kind of care that mine did. Hope you feel better soon xx #maternitymonday

    Caro | http://www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk

  21. I am really sorry you had a terrible time and that it continues to bother you and cloud the birth of your son. I hope that in time the memory will fade but saying that I had a very gung ho midwife at the birth of my second who didn’t listen to me and caused me more pain than was needed and 3 years on I still think about it. you would think people working in maternity care would have more compassion and care for those they look after but a lot of them don’t. #maternitymondays

  22. “… lonely and isolating experience” – o yes, it so can be. No one is your head to read your thoughts or feel your emotions. Birth is a very difficult and dangerous experience for many women. Thankfully, the memories fade with time; otherwise most women won’t have more than 1 child. Different birth options have their own challenges and they thankfully mostly end in so much love and joy. All the very best as you walk this road. #MaternityMondays

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