It’s ALL chicken and other parenting mistakes

Have you ever started something and wish you hadn’t?

The tooth fairy? Giving them a biscuit in a morning, that type of thing.

I am guilty of just blurting things out in the moment. The sweet at the check-out at the supermarket aren’t real.

The ice cream van at the local garden centre is just parked there because he wants to buy plants. Yes these things have all come out of my mouth but, to be honest, I am quite proud of myself in that I thought so quickly, on the spot.

My next confession is not so clever.

When Boo was about two, she decided, one day that she no longer liked fish.

This pained me because, up until then, she had eaten everything I had ever given to her.

Fish then led to beef and lamb (unless minced) so I had a bit of a problem on my hands.

Chicken however, was always a winner.

So….I told her the fish,


the lamb,


and the beef were chicken.


Now don’t panic, she’s not daft my child. She knows these foods are not chicken and still hardly eats them but, because I said this stupid thing at the crux of language acquisition, the poor girl now believes all meat and fish is called chicken.

What. Have. I. Done?

I tried to re-introduce the proper names for these food stuffs but it is slow progress.

Take heed from my mistake.

I just wish I had labelled all fruit, chocolate. That could have been a success story.


  1. Love this post – my mum used to tell me that the ice-cream van only played music to let children know they’d ran out of ice-cream 🙂 I completely believed her for a quite a while, but I have survived to adulthood (relatively) unscathed!

    1. Ha ha that’s brilliant *writes it down to save for a later date*
      I am still grinning 😀

  2. That is hilarious. My god-daughter (now 35) went through that phase, if we all had fishcakes we told her she had a meat cake. She still says ‘remember when you fed me fishcake & said it was meat’ haha x

  3. I love this!! My two year old thinks the ice cream van tune means the library is closing. No ideas where he got this but every night when he shouts out ‘the library’s closing!’ U never correct him!!

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