Royal Baby Name Ideas


You wouldn’t think I had much in common with royalty would you?

Well you’d be wrong.

We choose royal names for both of our children. Mostly because we liked them but also because of my rather unhealthy obsession with royal history.


So I have some words of advice for Prince William and Kate as they near the birth of their second child.

We always had George for our boy. Boo was born way before Prince George so I think that is proof that we didn’t copy off them.

If they choose Elizabeth for a girl though, could I say they are copying of us? I would like to think so.

When we were thinking about baby names, I went back in time and searched for a whole host of royal families. I liked Charlotte and Alice for girls. I also liked Catherine but then had the conundrum of whether to spell it with a C or a K.

I suppose Victoria would have been an obvious choice but, unfortunately, it is the name of my sister in law and, I think it is safe to say, we don’t get on. At all.

My favourite choice was Cecily, who was mother Edward IV and Richard III. The only problem with that was, for a girl, I wanted a name with nine letters (I know!) which left Charlotte, Catherine or Alexandra.

Hubster also caught the Peppa Pig credits and saw the voice of Peppa is called Cecily and so thought I had plucked it from there.

In the end, it was a boy and, producing an heir to Hubster’s farming dynasty meant I would not be divorced or beheaded-see another royal link.

On that note, I did like the name Henry which can be shortened to Harry but as we had picked George, Henry was set aside.

Ironically, the baby was born on the same date which Henry VI was born and Henry VIII died-spooky so I pushed for it as a middle name but lost that war of the (proverbial) roses.

If we ever have another baby and it is a boy, Henry will definitely be up there for me along with Edward (Teddy). For a girl, I like Charlotte, Catherine and Alexandra still but I think, to keep the names royal and medieval, Catherine may be top of the list.

So Kate and William, if you should read this, I like Elizabeth for a girl and Edward for a boy. They can’t have Henry because of Prince Harry but then, I suppose Edward is Prince William’s Uncle’s name. Maybe Richard would be a good choice-another Richard, Duke of York when Prince Charles becomes King. Arthur would also be a nice choice.

There are some tips I have up my sleeve though when looking for royal baby names:

Look for monarchs who had a lot of children for inspiration. Edward I (Edward, Joan, Edmund, Thomas, Elizabeth, Margaret, Eleanor, Mary, Alphonso, Henry) or James II (Mary, Anne, James, Louisa, Henrietta,Elizabeth, Henry, Isabel, Charles, Edgar, Catherine, Arabella, Charlottem James). I also like the names chosen by Edward IV (Elizabeth, Richard, Anne, Cecily, Arthur, Bridget, Mary, Catherine, Margaret, George).

You could also look at the names of Queens-I suppose Henry VIII is the obvious one here as he had so many but unfortunately, he choose from a rather small name-pool (Catherine, Anne and Jane).

There is always the European monarchs to look at-Isabella, Phillipe, Albert, Ferdinand.

One other thing to consider is traditional or modern.

I choose to stay traditional and wanted names of monarchs pre-1603. There are obviously many more after that and with names like Zara, Eugenie and Zoe.

At first glance, the pool of royal baby names seems quite shallow but, delve a little deeper and there is a lot to pick from, suitable for any little prince and princess-even mine.




  1. If I am honest I didn’t know there was that many royal names too choose from! This post is really interesting, glad I came across it.

    I like the name Charlotte for a girl! and I am starting to quite like the name George too!


  2. Oh I love picking baby names out. It was really hard for MM but so easy with B that we just agreed quickly. can’t beat loving the royal family. I am very excited for her. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  3. I think Elizabeth is a great name. It was going to be my middle name but my parents (now divorced) went for my grandmother’s name instead. I think my mom has regretted it ever since!

  4. Some great ideas there, I love the names Charlotte and Teddy, but me and hubby are struggling with a shortlist for number three

  5. I didn’t realise there were so many royal names to choose from! I love traditional names for boys. Although we ended up with a Sam which is still fairly traditional not so royal! My niece is Alexandra Elizabeth, a very royal name indeed x

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