Celia Gaze, Why Put A Bow Tie On A Llama- Book Review

Have you ever thought “is this my life?”
Have you ever imagined you’re lying on your deathbed and looking back wondering “what did I do with my life?”
“How many people will be at my funeral, what will I have achieved?”

These thoughts were constantly flowing through the mimd of Celia Gaze as she went from stressed-out NHS Director to the managing director of a multi-award-winning quirky wedding venue with bow tie-wearing Llamas.

Rather than keep all of the lessons and tips she has learnt to herself however, Celia has written an amazing book, sharing the lessons she learned along the way to help you follow her lead and translate your own ‘crazy’ idea into a personal and business success.

Celia resigned from her corporate job, shortly after returning to work after maternity leave with her first child.

She looked around at the family’s farm in the rolling Lancashire hills and wondered whether she could try something on the farm with her brilliant ideas and her vast corporate experience.

The Wellbeing Farm was born.

Celia has used her passion and enthusiasm for wanting to make more out of her life to transform the award-winning Wellbeing Farm and is now using this knowledge to help others.

I have read the book the conventional way-from beginning to end but the thing I love about Why Put A Bow Tie on a Llama is that you can go back and dip in.

It is the story of Celia’s life but it is also a self help book and reference manual.

If you are think of starting up your own business, Celia covers everything from planning applications, business rates and cash flow to marketing, staff issues and further support.

In each chapter there are exercises you can do like brainstorming and important questions that you need to ask yourself- so do make sure you have at least a pen to make notes and, ideally, a notebook so you don’t have to write all over the book that is going to be picked up again and again.

My husband is not an avid reader but even he picked up Celia’s book when I started telling him about the advice being given in the book.

Celia fully admits that the business has taken over her life-and that this is not always a good thing and even explains how stepping back a bit and still taking time for yourself is essential for anyone but especially business owners who naturally already can have the weight of the world on their shoulders.

I love the style of Celia’s writing. It is business like but also friendly and I really admire all that she has achieved.

If you need encouragement to take a leap of faith into trying something you love, then this is the book for you. Do not expect everything to be sugar coated though. This book will ready you for most business eventualities but we all know that knowledge is power and to be armed with such information as you take a step into the world in your dreams will really help you to move forward and, ultimately succeed.

The book is written for wannabe business owners, business owners, those facing a mid or quarter-life crisis, wedding or hospitality suppliers and farmers/landowners.

My mind is buzzing with ideas.

Why Put A Bow Tie on a Llama is published by Practical Inspiration publishing. The ISBN is 978-1-78860-124-5. The RRP is £12.99. For more information visit celiagaze.com where you can get extra support and more information.

For more information about the Wellbeing Farm, visit thewellbeingfarm.co.uk

Photos of Celia taken by Creative Camera.

*I was sent a copy of Why Put A Bow Tie on a Llama for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.


  1. Great read , very inspirational and factual with warts and all …not only an author now , but a super entrepreneur .

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