Cracking Deals this Easter with Aldi’s Homebaking range

What better time of year to refresh your baking equipment than Easter. Whether it’s whipping up chocolate nest cakes with the kids or a full-on simnel masterpiece, you won’t go wrong with the latest special buys from Aldi.

Hitting stores and online on April 13th, 2017, you’ll find everything you need without breaking the bank and you can pick up all your ingredients while you’re there.

From classic food mixers and cake containers to chocolate melting pots and digital
kitchen scales, budding bakers can buy all the cooking essentials needed to create
simply scrumptious desserts.

Aldi’s Classic Food Mixer (£39.99) will take all the hard work out of preparing tasty puddings and savoury delights this Easter by mixing all the ingredients in a matter of minutes. It’s perfect for budding chefs, and comes in a range
of colours including red and blue. 

Chocolate lovers need look no further than Aldi’s Chocolate Melting Pots (£12.99) for the ultimate chocolatey treat.
 The must-have machine transforms solid chocolate into a warm and creamy texture – perfect for pouring, drizzling and dipping onto another sweet treat. 

Aldi’s Aluminium Cake Pan Assortments (£4.99) will allow creative cooks to whip
up cakes in a fun mix of shapes which the kids are sure to love.

What’s more, a selection of Bakeware with Printed Recipes (£5.99)
provides a range of inspirational recipe ideas for what to
cook next.

With a choice of a jug or bowl scales, Aldi’s Digital Kitchen Scales (£6.99) go the extra mile by measuring both solids and liquids, so it’s easier to get the correct quantities sorted. Once the ingredients are carefully weighed out, bakers can produce perfect pastry with this handy Pastry Board (£4.99), which is great for kneading and rolling as well as being a smooth surface on which to roll.

For those baking a big batch of cakes, Aldi’s Cake Container (£4.99) is essential for keeping treats fresh, or even transporting them to share with friends and family or for me, taking them to school for those all important cake fundraisers.

Aldi Easter Homebaking range also includes an array of kitchen essentials including a multi-functional Double Oven Glove/Apron (£2.99) set, pretty patterned 3 Pack of Tea Towels (£2.99) and a handy Glass Measuring Jug

Aldi’s Easter Homebaking range is available in stores nationwide and online from 
13th April but be quick because as with all Specialbuys, once it’s gone it’s gone.

I may only be just over five weeks post caesarean section but I think if ever I needed an excuse to drive early, this would be it.

*We were sent a selection of fab Aldi bakeware to try out in return for this post but I genuinely am a fan of Aldi specialbuys acan be found there for all of their baby and toddler events. Last summer, we even got outdoor toys too.

What are you waiting for?


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