Introducing Siblings with Baby Annabell’s Brother

With my first two pregnancies, I quite fancied twins but, as I lay on the bed waiting for the scan with number three, my heart was in my mouth.

Thankfully there was only one baby in there so, while I breathed a sigh of relief, when Zapf Creation asked if Baby Annabell’s brother could come and live with us, I thought I would get my twins after all.

The thing is, introducing babies to older siblings can be a sensitive thing. Babies don’t do much and siblings can often feel like a spare part.

Just recently, we planned to go out-only to the supermarket but it took the standard two hours to get everyone dressed. Then, just as we started to head down stairs to the car, Baby J woke up for a feed so it took a lot of explaining (and bribery) to say we would be going out but we would have to wait until the baby had been fed.

Baby Annabell’s brother was whipped out and G at least was happy for a while.

Baby Annabell’s brother is very lifelike. So much so that there have been times when one of the older ones has left him in places the real baby would usually go and, even if I have had the baby in my arms, I have looked twice.

He cries real tears, snores, moves his mouth and sucks-just like a real baby. Just like real babies, his dummy soothes him and he feeds and wets his nappy.

In the box, you get the doll, wearing a romper suit and a hat which, i am not going to lie, has been on Baby J’s head until we have got somewhere out and I have embarrassingly realised he is wearing Baby Annabell’s brother’s hat. I obviously kept it to myself.

Also in the pack is a bottle, a dummy, a nappy, a locket and a bib-which I have also had my eye on at times for the real thing.

Role play is so realistic when the children have Baby Annabell’s brother and I have Baby J. We have named the doll Baby Jake and the children really do love him.

The doll maybe as realistic to a real baby as you can get apart from one little point. Baby Annabell’s Brother sleeps. All. Night. Long.

I admit I would find it hard having to soothe Baby J and Baby Annabell’s brother at the same time. I just hope the doll’s restfulness wears off on his twin.

Baby Annabell’s brother would make a great addition to any family. He retails at £54.99 and is suitable for ages three and over.

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We were send Baby Annabel’s brother for the purpose of this review but all opinions and parenting techniques are my own.


  1. Ooh I love the idea of this and I actually think Libby would have loved it when Lia came along but if I’m honest I find these things a bit creepy!

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