BigJigs Farm Playset-A Review

Anything vehicle is always a hit with my little farmer. We have been chosen to be BigJigs Play Patrol bloggers this year and I am not going to lie. We had our eye on the Bigjigs farm play set.

Imagine our delight when it was that which arrived in the post.

From experience, I waited until G went out with Daddy on the farm before I put the track together. Constructing anything with an over-enthusiastic toddler never goes well but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to put together.

No degree in astro physics required.

The instructions are really clear and easy to follow and once I finished, I even had time to tidy up a bit before the baby woke up and G came back in from his big farm adventure.

He usually hates coming in when he has been outside but thankfully a smaller (in size) adventure was just beginning.

The attention to detail on the Bigjigs farm train set is really refreshing. Not just your average wooden train track, the farm play set has a beautiful tree scene which the track goes under and over to form a bridge. There are 44 pieces in the box and one of the most appealing things to me as a parent is that the box is sturdy enough to keep reusing as storage. I know this is boring but such is my life as a parent that it is these little things which make me happy.

The accessories are painted in bright colours and you can see and feel the high quality construction of all the pieces.

Both G and I particularly love the duck pond and the little duck.

We counted trees and G brought some of his farm animal figures to join in the fun.

There is a man and a little girl figure, animals, hay bales and the main event-the train.

The play set comes with the train engine with the classic funnel on the front and two farm-themed carriages. One which holds a chicken (much to G’s delight-he loves chickens) and one which holds a hay bale.

The three parts are held together with strong magnets and they only work in a certain way so it encourages problem solving from little ones.

Hours of imaginative play have ensued from our Bigjigs farm play set and we have counted the trees, expanded our vocabulary with phrases such as: ‘up the hill,’ ‘around the bend’ and ‘under the tunnel’ and generally felt as though we have been learning as well as playing which everyone knows s the best way to learn.

The sturdy set is sure to bring years of fun to us-especially for the other children too-both Boo and Baby J who I am sure will bring a different dynamic to the play.

For now though, it is nice for G to have something special of his own. In a family with three children, that doesn’t always happen very often.

We love everything about the farm play set. We do think the man figure must be a commuter who got on the wrong train though. He is dressed far too well to be a farmer.

*We were sent the Bigjigs farm play set for the purpose of this review and as part of our Play Patrol role which we are so excited about. All opinions are our own.


  1. I love this review. What a gorgeous train set. And completely perfect for you. It is obvious that this train set is so well made and I adore the little details. That duck is too cute. And I love your point about the over dressed farmer. Hugs Lucy xxxx

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