Crate Creatures- A Review

You know you’re in for trouble when the toy comes with a padlock and a special key to undo them.

If your little monsters love anything weird and wonderful, Crate Creatures are definitely for you.

This toy is not for the feint hearted. Just one pull of their tongue and up to 45 ghastly noises will be unleashed.

With a grizzly exterior of ferocious fuzz, squirting snot, glowing eyes and growling noises, they’re big softies really.

When you first get your Crate Creature, you have to release the crow bar key, open the padlock and then unlock the crate. It causes such a stir with children and they are itching to get it open.

Our creature was a Snort Hog and each creature comes with its own little snack. Our snack was a corn dog.

Swinging in from the muggy jungles of Tuskk, Snorthog, the bog warthog loves nothing more than digging up treats to eat and blowing out fantastically unpleasant boogers.

When unlocked from his crate, we discovered the slimy snot that squirts out of his nose, knocked him over and heard his snotty growls and listened to him crunch on his corn dog-much to the delight of our little boy.

If you take the corn dog away before he’s finished, his four furry arms flap up in horror. The aim is to get him back in his box, and lock him up before he gets too mad and when he’s forgotten all about your taunts, untrap him all over again!

Each Crate Creature makes a unique selection of over 45 ghastly noises when they eat the snack, sensitive noses, tongues or horns, and temperamental shaking if you touch just the right nerve. They will also record your voice and repeat it back – monster style.

As well as the Snort Hog, there is also Blizz, a white snow montster, Pudge-a horned creature who likes pizza and Sizzle who, in our opinion, looks a bit like a mix of Shrek and something of Wallykazam.

Lured in by their favourite snack, Crate Creatures have been captured and crated and are landing in a Smyth’s near you.

They cost £39.99, require three AA batteries which are included, are suitable for ages 3+ and are available now from Smyth’s Toystores

Do you dare open the crate?

*We were sent our Crate Creature for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.


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