Dinosaur Soup Recipe


I have weaned all of my children the same. They have eaten the same meals as we have and all enjoyed different things from every food group.

Why then is it only two of them that are adventurous with food and one refuses things without even trying them?

Since turning two, one of my children has stopped eating broccoli, potatoes (he doesn’t believe me that chips are made from potatoes) and has food fads that I could write a book about.

I have decided to rely on underhand tactics to try and increase the veg intake. Fruit is loved by all of them but for one, cucumber and occasionally cauliflower is the only veg to get past the stringent food standards committee.

With a love of all things dinosaur, I honestly thought I had it.

A couple of cloves of garlic, a carrot and a potato were lovingly chopped into tiny pieces, cooked in a little butter and had water poured on and cooked more until they were all tender.

Then for the dinosaur part-a packed of peppery watercress placed on top of the veg mix and wilted with the lid on for ten minutes (heat off) before blitzing with a hand held mixer.

Oh how confident I was.

I made a big thing about the dinosaur soup all day and even cut a few pieces of bread with a dinosaur cutter and found them a toy each for their plates. 

The verdict?

The veg-dodging child wouldn’t even look at it and the other also refused to eat the green soup.

One out of three isn’t bad, right?

I think this blog post is a case of do as I say not what my children do. Hopefully dinosaur soup will go down better in your house.

Good luck. 

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