Ella’s Kitchen-Jelly Belly Christmas Dinner


Boo is firmly out of the weaning pouch stage but I remember when she was. That first Christmas, she was 11 months old and I really wished a Christmas dinner pouch had been available for when we were on the go.

This year, the lovely people at Ella’s Kitchen have come up with a limited edition Christmas dinner pouch so tots needent miss out on any festivities no matter where they are.

Made up of yummy things like potatoes, turkey, parsnips, sprouts, cranberries and herbs, the dinner sounds nice enough for parents not just the 7 plus month babies it is aimed for.

I’ve written before about how much I loved Ella’s Kitchen when Boo was small as it was the only baby food I found to taste like my own cooking.

Just to make you feel extra warm and fuzzy inside though, Ella’s Kitchen has teamed up with Kids Company who provide food for disadvantaged children and their families on Christmas Day. How lovely is that?

So by buying a pouch, at least 30p from that purchase will buy a Christmas Dinner for a poor family.

Let’s face it, that is what Christmas is all about.

For more information, visit www.ellaskitchen.co.uk where you can find more about Kids Company and, if you’re feeling extra full of Christmas cheer, you can also donate more.

I was not paid for this post. Ella’s Kitchen sent me some of their pouches earlier but I just wanted to spread a bit of Christmas cheer myself.

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