#FacebookIs10 I cried looking back

So Facebook is ten and everyone has the opportunity to make a video of their time on the social media site.
I admit it. I cried.
I joined in 2007 and so many things have happened since then. I’d just met my (now) husband.
There’s been highs and lows.
I must admit I’m not one of these people who shares lows on Facebook but I know they’re there. Hidden in the music they added and the pixels of the photographs I’ve shared. There has been deaths and losses. Excitement, marriage, babies. Friendships made and broken and sometimes made again. We’ve moved twice and started our new life on the farm.
Facebook gets slated a lot.
It does annoy me when you see a Facebook friend in town or the supermarket and say hello, only for them to blank you but overall, I like sharing in the good times with people and sometimes the bad.
I cried again showing it to the hubster.
I have a lot to be thankful for.

My seven years on FB

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