Farm Inspired Easter Clothing for Children 2018

Farming inspired clothing with an Easer twist you say? How can I say no? The problem arises however with my love of twinning.

I need unisex-ish clothing which comes in a wide spectrum of sizes.

I have found it a struggle this year. The boys come under the same size bracket but I have found that most of the Easter clothing only comes in pink and is aimed at girls.

Boo, being tall for her age does not fit into the same size bracket as her younger brothers so I have really struggled to get them all matching.

I originally decided to just have the boys matching. I got these bunny t shirts from Blue Zoo at Debenhams. I know rabbits aren’t strictly farm related but we live on a farm and have a rabbit and surely there must be rabbit farms out there. They were marketed in the girls area of the store but I think they are fine for boys and girls so I got the boys one each and decided to get Boo something else.

Then I looked at Boden.

Big. Mistake.

They had these chick t shirts (again marketed at girls) and they came in the right sizes for all three. I had to buy them and, with a 20 per cent off promotion and a £15 voucher, how could I refuse?

The chick skirt fell into my basket too. What can I say?

I also have my next lot of beloved knitted cardigans incase it is chilly.

I have been looking around for other Easter inspired farm clothing and it is pretty dire if you’ve got a boy and a girl and they are differing ages. There is a lot of Peter Rabbit clothing around with the new movie but it seems to be baby items.

Fellow blogger Alex at Lamb and Bear has a lovely range of children’s clothing though and you can’t get more Easter than lambs so the original lamb and bear print comes in leggings, sleep suits and a swaddle blanket. The sleep suits are genius in that they have a zip rather than poppers. Just the other day, the farmer and I remarked that all baby sleep suits should come with zips. Wriggly babies and hundreds of poppers are not fun at all. The leggings also come in a duck fabric-aptly called Quack Quack and the leggings go up to age 4-5 which would work for some sibling age gaps.

I’d love to hear if you’ve managed to find any other Easter clothes. The good thing about Easter is that most animals-chicks, ducks and rabbits can all be loosely linked to a farm. What’s not to love about that?


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