1. Brilliant post Emma, at least now when I’m faced with a huge mess and I don’t know where to start, I can tell myself it’s telling a story.
    And I’m saluting those who keep their tables so clear – and all their frolicking

  2. Love this. Before I bought my current house, I didn’t get it when Kirsty on Location, Location, Location was on about kitchens being the heart of the home, but now I have an amazing kitchen which I love to pieces and we use it for entertaining in all the time!

  3. Oh I love this! It would be a dream for me to have a kitchen big enough to have a nice big table in it. It’s a real focal point at my dad’s house. Love the photos with the horse and all the pets!

  4. Samuel Vincent

    Yes, I agree with you! The kitchen table is the heart of the home, because it’s where the whole family gathers and enjoys their wonderful merry time together. I certainly love how these furniture were arranged on each place in the farmhouse.

  5. R O

    What a lovely post!!
    Made me feel a lot better about my cluttered farmhouse table!! I’m not alone after all!! X

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