Five Ideas to Keep Animals Cool in Summer


It is actually raining here today but it has been unseasonably hot here recently-even for summer.

I therefore decided to come up with five ways of keeping animals-of all varieties cool in hot weather.

1.Water. It may seem obvious but while I am sure everyone makes sure their animals have water, it is important to change the water regularly. You know yourself if your drink has gone warm, it is not as refreshing as cool water.

2.Ice. For chickens and other animals who drink from a drinker, it is a good idea to put ice in their drinkers to keep the water cool. You could even freeze apple cider vinegar for hens. Do be careful with that lick though. I once thought I was being kind, putting ice in my dog’s water bowl but her tongue stuck to it. Not a very nice experience.

3.Frozen food. In exceptionally hot weather, I like to give the chickens frozen sweet corn. It really does help to cool them down.

4.Shade. Ensure all of your animals, if they are kept outside, have access to shade-whether it be a shelter, shed or tree.


5.If all else fails, a well timed ice cream or lolly will always go down well-especially with Rosie. It’s not hot often here so it is a treat.

Have you got any other tips for keeping animals cool?


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