Get Wild Birds Into Your Garden With Wilko


Ages ago, the lovely people at Wilko sent us a wild bird garden pack to encourage little cheepies into our garden.

2016-02-09 13.59.41

Unfortunately, the worst month of weather hit and, at the farm, you can magnify any bad weather by ten.

2016-02-09 14.10.32

So the last week, I got all the stuff ready, one of the farm lads built my bird table (he said it was really easy to do) and put the nesting box high up on a tree.

2016-02-09 14.10.23

I hung a cage feeder on the tree near the hall window to act as a kind of hide and I waited.

2016-02-09 14.11.49

I left my camera on the window sill and I usually always have my phone on me.

I waited.

2016-02-09 13.58.15

A little wagtail tit kept taunting me-going for some seeds and then, sensing me near, flying off so, one frosty morning, while Hubster was warm inside with the kids, I put my coat over my nightie and I sat there.

Despite the freezing temperatures leaving me questioning my sanity, I was rewarded.

2016-02-16 08.26.14

First I spotted a blue tit peeping into the nesting box. I held in my squeal and began snapping away. Then his friend arrived and started checking out the wire feeder.

2016-02-16 08.26.24

Then, to my sheer delight, a little robin came along, sitting on my washing line (eyeing up the grub the bluetits were tasting) and then went and sat on Baby G’s swing.

2016-02-16 08.28.05

It was lovely.

2016-02-16 08.28.08

Since then, I have wrapped up again and again to see what birds come into our garden. So far, I have spotted blackbirds, magpies and a goldfinch. I was so excited.

2016-02-16 08.27.52

I used to have a bird spotting book when I was a little girl and I would love to pass on that love to my children.

2016-02-16 08.27.14

Thanks to Wilko, I can.

We were sent a bird house which is currently half price at £2.50, a pack of wild bird seed, £6, a wild bird wooden table which is £10 and a Wild bird cage seed feeder which is £6.

2016-02-09 14.01.06

Not only do the products help to attract wildlife to the garden but they actually look really lovely too.

I am now keeping everything crossed that we get chicks in our bird house. I will keep you posted.


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