1. I hated it when my eldest decided she wouldn’t go in the trolley seat but she has now been well trained in “helping” with the shopping. I do miss whizzing her down empty aisles in Tesco and seeing the look of joy on her face.

  2. How sweet! It’s hard to say goodbye to stages, especially ones that were so helpful, like this one and the nap. Sounds like she’s embracing her new privileges though! #magicmoments

  3. I think once one thing starts to change others roll in right behind! Shopping can be such a nightmare with little ones – we tends to let them write a shopping list before we go and they are tasked with finding the things on their lists for us. #magicmoments

  4. What a milestone for you and your little girl! Shedding away routines and little comforts that we’re all used to can be difficult, but the brighter side (as you mentioned), is that your little one is growing. It’s a great idea to use her new found skill to help you navigate through the supermarket. Maybe make a game out of it? Distract her, so she doesn’t get distracted and place her extra items in your cart. Just a thought!


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