H&A Foam Alphabet Letters, a poem review



…there was a baby called…


She loved to have baths and she loved her shampoo.

As time went on, her love of bathing subsided.

When she heard the taps running she went into hiding.

Her parents were flummoxed as to what caused this change.

They tried many things to try and make her engage.

From bubbles and Peppa, coloured water and ducks,

Nothing seemed to help to change Boo’s bath luck.

Her mum cut her hair to make a life of ease


With no love of bathing the girl’s hair was hard to tease.

With no where left to turn, mum was about to despair,

How on earth could she get a brush through that hair?

All was not lost though as on one amazing day,


A package arrived from bath wizards H & A.

In the box for the bath-dodger was a foam alphabet letter stash,

Perfect for playing whilst taking a…


Mummy let her play with them before getting wet

Then added them to the water as a teaser to get…

Into the water and forget about washing.


It worked and the youngster was splishing and sploshing.

While I admit it still not our best time of day,

Our bath times were saved thanks to the great…



*I was sent the H&A foam alphabet letters for the review. All opinions and poetic license (or not) is my own and this entry is to try and become one of this year’s H&A Bathtime Fun Squad.

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