My Pregnancy Week 37



I am hoping this will be my last pregnancy update and, that by this time next week, #FarmBaby2015 will have made a safe appearance.

I thought I’d have a scenery change or you too this week and took bump outside for the photo.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen my funny non-impressed, grumpy look. I was actually unimpressed with Hubster’s use of my iPhone but the face really does sum up this week.


I woke up Sunday morning with the most horrendous stomach big EVER. I was sick all day and felt terrible.

Still somewhat tender on Monday, I watched what I ate but then was up most of Monday night because Junior must have been starving and, at one point was moving so much, the bed was rocking.

So Tuesday, when I turned 37 weeks, I was very, very grumpy.

I had cried by 8am and was very fed up.

I made sure I ate more on Tuesday though but still didn’t sleep well Tuesday night. I think the not knowing what will happen next week coupled with the 1001 things I need to do before then, simply got the better of me.

Hubster, thankfully gave me a reality check and I pulled myself together.

I then got a better night’s sleep and that made all the difference.

So I thought Thursday would be my last blood pressure profile at the Antenatal Day Unit and I took them a box of chocolates because they have been so nice to me.

However, I have to go and have it checked again on Sunday-supposedly because it is nearing the end but I think secretly, they are hoping for more treats.

Baby is still breech so I will be going for a scan on Wednesday and depending on Junior’s position, I will either be induced or have baby hauled out through the sunroof.

I am very anxious and excited for the next step of the journey. I just hope and pray that everything goes well and we have a healthy baby at the end of it.

If you’re religious, please keep is in your prayers. If you’re not, a finger or toe crossing would be greatly appreciated.

Bring it on.


  1. Aww, stomach bugs when you are pregnant suck! I had one back in November – I must have been about 18 weeks. Utter rubbish, especially as I had just gotten over morning sickness! I hope all the checks and scan go OK this week. Crossing fingers, twos and legs for you! x

  2. Looks like the end is nigh – hope everything goes well for you and I hope for your sake the next update is all about your baby 🙂

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