Harringtons Pet Food come to the rescue (again)

So following on from my last entry about Harringtons, the natural choice in pet food, I received some exciting news.
Whether the lovely people at Harringtons loved the review or they just felt sorry for the many, many animal mouths we have to feed, a second delivery of pet food arrived. This time for the cats and the rabbits.

Now here at the farm, we have a lot of cats. They all live outside and are a bit wild but some do let us stroke them. They breed like anything so we have had from nine to 22 at any one time.


I think many years down the line there was a Persian as some of them are very fluffy and even the others are a bit fluffy.
We like the cats because it keeps vermin down on the farm.
My mother-in-law tends to feed the cats the most. They get nit-bits from us after dinner and the odd bit of food when I remember to buy them proper cat food from the shops. My niece feeds a lot of them too and she has named some of them too.
When I first met my husband, the king of the farm cats was Colonel Custard but he sadly departed this world a few years ago.
Now depending on who you ask, the new king is Richard (our name for him) or Moses (my niece’s name for him).
He has a herem of ladies who pander to his every need and various offspring who try their luck with their big daddy.
There is also Lucy who is actually a boy, and the two new kids on the block Fluffy and Fifi who have got more Persian in them than I have seen for a while. They are very cute.


So imagine the glee of our feline friends when they got to try Harringtons cat food with chicken and rice.
It was like Christmas.
The first time I fed them with it, I left my phone in the house. I put the food in the bowl and went to get the phone to take photos of them eating for this post.
I was either not quick enough or they enjoyed it that much, that when I returned, there was none left and they had gone back to lazing in the barns. (Rosie the dog was watching from the window, much put-out).
2014-01-30 14.04.03
The next time I was prepared though and we had nine happy cats happily munching through the lovely food.
Look what I found when I turned from feeding them-one of our cats was having a warm in the car (excuse the mess I do tend to use it as extra storage).


The best cat escape we had was when builders were here and one of the workmen nipped into the village in his van for lunch only for one of the farm cats to pop out from under the seat as he was just about to tuck into his steak pie. Every day is a funny story when animals (and children) are involved.


Next it was the rabbits turn. I was very pleased when I saw the food. It is all pellets. Now I don’t know if any of you readers have rabbits but ours are selective little critters who, if you give them regular rabbit mix, will pick through and select their favourite bits and leave the rest. Pellet-form rabbit food is much more economical as it all tastes and looks the same.
Pet feeding is a family affair here and Boo gets very involved in animal nutrition as you can see…


The rabbits happily munched away on their new Harringtons food and I will definitely buy it in the future.
It smelled lovely. I know, I know. I am weird liking the smell of rabbit food but I’ve said it now. I love it and quite often go and stick my head in the food container when I pass the storage shed.


I can rest assured that the dogs, cats and rabbits are very, very happy with their Harringtons goodies.
I imagine they call themselves “the natural choice” because their feeds are made of all natural ingredients. However, if you are an animal lover and want to give your pets the best food, Harringtons is the natural choice both for your pocket and your pets’ well being.

For more information, visit: http://www.harringtonspetfood.com/content/UK

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  1. Oh my goodness! What a lot of cats – how do you keep track of them all? 🙂
    Thanks for linking up this week

    1. I don’t know ha ha but we do notice when one is missing!! My husband read the post and said he’d not seen Richard for a few days and that his mum was worried so i zoomed in on my blog pic to show him eating the food he he 🙂

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