1. I made a good choice with our first pram just a reasonably priced graco travel system back in 2009 when we had little 1. It is still going strong on little 3 but it is heavy and wide although great for shopping. I’ve had a couple of buggies for the toddler years and hope hubby will allow me a new one for little 3! #maternitymondays

  2. I do think the Urbo is lovely – you have to love a fox print! We just bought a double second hand – the Oyster Max. I doubt we’ll get much use from it, but it was reasonably priced and in good condition and saves me having to carry a screaming toddler under my arm like a rugby ball!

  3. This is great and really useful! I wish I had of gone for a buggy that actually fit in our boot when we had mia almost 3 years ago but as first time parents we went for the one that did everything! Now I wouldn’t buy the same one again but it is still going strong! 🙂


  4. It is a gorgeous pram. My requirements were that it was incredibly light weight and would fold small., as I have suffered lots of muscle damage.I went for the YoYo and really love it

  5. When DD was a baby, we had one of the Graco combi’s and I put her into the stroller smmetioes without the carseat. If it lays flat (or nearly flat) and has one of the head roll support things, it should be ok. Mine also had a thing which would lift around the bottom so that it was fully enclosed..does the jogger have one of those? If so, it should be perfectly fine to strap your baby into with that up and with the support things (also, you should be able to buy those or take the one off your carseat to use if it doesn’t have one!).Actually, I’m looking at Chicco strollers, and they have that inclosure thing on them (though it’s a bit different from how DD’s was!). Also, your normal stroller should definitely stand up to 3 miles of concrete! If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be worth having! If you’re not running, then your stroller should be fine to use, too.

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