How To Keep Your New Puppy Healthy and Strong


When it comes to bringing a small puppy into your household, it’s not hard to feel extremely excited. Not only are you bringing in a cute bundle of fun into the household, but an awesome new friend who will become a fixture of the family in no time at all. Of course, it’s up to us to look after them, and to make sure they develop properly.


Part of this involves routine training to help them understand boundaries and learn to behave. Another part of it involves treating them well, to help them slowly develop that loyalty and trust that becomes a pinnacle of a worthwhile dog, truly serving as man’s best friend. Of course, we don’t have to give you a laundry list of reasons as to why treating a dog well and developing their growth is a good idea – you know that already.


So, let’s get to the point. What matters when bringing a pet into the household is a natural blend of being able to care for them, of providing them with their needs, and of making sure your household is suitable. Let’s consider:


Find Fresh & Nutritious Food


Fresh and nutritious food is obviously going to have the most effect when feeding your puppy, but it’s also important to make sure you find the correct food for your breed and avoid overfeeding them with snacks or other unnecessary additions. This is where finding fresh pet food geared to help your dog can help you take all the busywork and worry out of this process, and by studying the brands and ingredients used, you can more readily understand what your dog actually needs.


Slowly Introduce Activity


Taking some time to slowly introduce activity to your pet can be a great idea. This is because while puppies are often very active, they only have little legs, and this can mean their joints aren’t fully developed. This is why it’s recommended not to allow your puppy to climb the stairs and that you instead use gates to lock off access. Slowly introducing activity can mean taking some time to slowly play with them around the house rather than making them get all worked up and running several laps of your kitchen – they will begin to do this when they’re ready. Remember, they’re only tiny, and you are quite big to them.


Play & Train


It’s good to play with your puppy and to teach them boundaries. It’s also good to bring them to a trainer as soon as they are old enough and capable. This helps them slowly start to understand you as their authority, and what certain commands mean, and what behaviors are not accepted. It also helps them find comfort in being surrounding with other people’s dogs, and this can quite clearly prevent a range of unfortunate circumstances when taking your dog for a walk.

With this advice, we hope you can more readily keep your puppy healthy and strong. They’re lucky to have you!
*This is a collaborative post


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