I’m A-Tractor-ed To You- Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad if Your partner Isn’t Romantic

I think it is fair to say that farmers are not naturally seen as the most romantic of creatures. With St Valentine’s Day on the horizon, I see the pressure put on couples who might not be inherently at one with professing love in an overt manner.

While historically, the day (a religious feast) was encouraged to celebrate all things love, as the years have gone on, it is much more to do with profits than pining.

Just go into any supermarket and look at the greatly inflated price on the flowers. The same flowers that will be in the clearance aisle come February 15th and half the price thereafter.

I suppose I enjoy flowers as much as the next person but I actually think I would be annoyed if the farmer went and bought me the massive inflated, often dyed and imported flowers.

Life on the farm is vastly different from couples who live in ordinary houses and work 9 to 5. We see each other much more than most and, for the most part, we get on very well.

My husband shows love to me all the time by doing little things. Sometimes he will defrost my car before the school run. If he sees me struggling herding cats getting the kids in the car, he will help strap them in.

These might not seem like huge, dramatic gestures and they are not but they help me and they show he cares and I think this is much more important than a bunch of wilting roses on February 14th.

So if you are disappointed on Valentine’s Day, don’t be. Celebrate your relationship for the little, every day things that, to me, are worth so much more than a dramatic gesture once a year.

My husband actually text me with a meme he found and said he thought of me and I laughed. It reminded me of my first ever Mother’s Day when my eldest child was a tiny baby and I was presented with a chicken magazine.

Oh how I laughed.

If you both enjoy romance, then by all means go ahead and celebrate Valentine’s Day if you want to but don’t let it ruin your relationship if one or both of you just can’t do romance.

Oh, and if you are wondering, the farmer was right. I would much prefer a hen or a goat.

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