Last Minute Homemade Gift Ideas

For every one person buying gifts, probably on behalf of children, there is probably another five who will only remember at the eleventh hour when the shops have closed.

Fear not, just because you have forgotten someone’s birthday or that it is Mother or Father’s Day, doesn’t mean the recipient will be left empty handed.

Here are five ideas for homemade gifts which can be made quite quickly.

1. Biscuits. A simple biscuit dough is always quick and easy to make. If you have children involved, they can help to cut out and decorate the biscuits. Then just put them in a little box with some tissue paper and tie it with ribbon and it will look perfect.

2. Gift Vouchers. I don’t mean for shops I mean gift your services for a week or a month or even a day. Offer to babysit or look after someone’s children while they go and have a peaceful dinner out, Say you will garden for them, iron for them even walk the dog. You can choose something totally personal to them and (unless it is ironing) you will both have something to look forward to.

3. If you have loads of jars of half melted candles lying about, you need to check out my easy tutorial on melting them down as gifts. All you need is a wick which are available from craft shops or online and a tea cup or something else which will withstand a flame.

4. Fudge is always a winner for making as gifts and, if that seems too difficult, a simple cake would be a gift most people would really enjoy. In instances like this, it usually is the thought that counts.

5. Most people like flowers but, as a change from shop bought ones, have a look around your garden or the roadside. Foliage can be beautiful on its own and wild flowers are so beautiful. Tie with sting or ribbon and you will have the most unique bouquet ever.

So next time you forget to organise that special gift, think of this list and make your own.

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