Teapot Tragedy and Cath Kidston to The Rescue

I’m sure you know by now that nothing goes quite right here. I wouldn’t go as far as saying everything goes wrong but sometimes it feels like it isn’t far off.

I have always loved Cath Kidston. I love the florals very much but it is the farm inspired ranges that resonate the most with me.

I think the first thing I ever bought was a chicken money box and I have a couple of their skirts-one of my favourites is a farm patterned one I got about four years ago.

Every time a new collection comes out, I wait with baited breath to see if something farm related will be released and this Spring, my dreams came true with the release of the hen party range.

I browsed and browsed totting up the whole collection and them giving myself a stern talking to about the shoes and clothes my children need so I narrowed my long list down to two.

The skirt was top of my list because it is practical. Probably only so far as I can wear it but I really wanted the tea pot.

I have no luck with ornament thank to my boys who have broken everything I have had displayed within arms reach and sometimes things that have been kept further away thanks to their climbing abilities.

I was hopeful with the teapot. I had the perfect place for it on my kitchen dresser with my other teapots and I ordered it.

The farmer told me there was a package for me and I was so excited. I brought it into the kitchen but decided not to open it until the farmer came in later-just so there was no risk of the kids spying it and getting their little mitts on it.

I waited and waited.

The moment arrived and I sliced the box carefully with scissors and squealed when I saw the bright colours and the beautiful chickens on it.

Then I dropped the top of it and it smashed. I burst into tears. I took to social media to lament my tragedy and lots of people sympathised with me. I am sure a lot of people have broken something they loved. I just was extra sad because I had saved up for it, found a place the children couldn’t get it and hadn’t even got to admire it on my dresser.

Imagine my joy then when the very next day, the lovely people at Cath Kidston got in touch to say they couldn’t promise anything but they would check their warehouses to see if they had a spare top.

A few days later, a little box arrived and I had tears in my eyes again.

Even in this awful world, there are still nice people out there and nice companies that try to please people-even when it was one of there customer’s own stupidity that led to the original mishap.

I often joke that Cath Kitston is my mother ship. It actually is now.

Thank you so very much.


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