Make Breastfeeding Easier by Making Smart Fashion Choices 


As a new mama preparing to sustain your infant with an on-demand, nutritious source of milk, you are going to need to dress for the part. What this means is that you will have limitations on the type of clothing you wear, particularly on top, for as long as you plan to nurse your baby. You can get information about nursing from those having completed pediatric nurse practitioner degrees, but some areas of the breastfeeding process are best learned on your own. In fact, getting your baby to latch on initially will be one of the most difficult hurdles you will need to overcome. On the other hand, you can make nursing more pleasant by putting together a wardrobe that works for both you and your newborn.

Easy Access Clothing

You may not be a fan of nursing bras, but they are quite practical for facilitating nursing. Besides, who’s really going to see them besides you and your baby? Although new mothers should be comfortable regardless of where they choose to nurse their babies, you have to be aware of the fact that there will be some odd people who will go out of their way to make life difficult. Choosing clothing that will allow you to position your child easily without exposing yourself or feeling self-conscious will make nursing in public a wonderful experience instead of something to dread.

Coverups and Modesty Blankets

Not all situations are going to be conducive for nursing. There are many situations where a mother may not feel comfortable breastfeeding.  A simple blanket or scarf can be used to cover yourself, but wearing a nursing top takes the complication out of breastfeeding. Consider going to a breastfeeding class who can give you the confidence to feed your baby in all situations.

Packing an Extra Change of Clothes for Your Baby and Yourself

When you nurse a baby, accidents are going to happen occasionally. Whether your baby spits up or you end up needing to change your top because of excess leaking milk, keeping a spare nursing top as well as clothing for your baby will help you to avoid having to go back home and make a quick change. When you first start to nurse your baby, you may want to wear pullover tops that don’t have a lot have a lot of embellishments for ease of breastfeeding. As you gain more experience, you will be able to pull down zippers and unbutton fastenings with one hand, while lovingly cradling your baby in the crook of your other arm.

Many women find nursing their newborns to be a challenge, mainly because every case is different. Your baby may immediately latch on, or you may need to supplement with formula until a routine gets going. Make smart fashion choices when it comes to nursing attire so that you can fully focus on nurturing your child.


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