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There is no denying that kids are messy. From baby sick and poonamis in the early days to the colourful joys of weaning and beyond, I honestly think most parents have their work cut out for them when it comes to stain removal.

At our house, there is the added joy of the farm-think mud, soil, ‘other stains’- you can guess. It can be hard going and that’s not to mention the straw and castration rings and Shopkins I retrieve from the washing machine filter.

The thing is though, it’s not just the washing machine which takes a battering. We are blessed with a dishwasher-thank you or fairy of dishwashers. Plates and cups come in caked in mud, diesel, oil and grease and the heat of the dishwasher is the only thing to keep whatever is living on them at bay.


The lovely people at Dr Beckmann heard my call for help and sent me a selection of their products to try and, let’s face it, if they work here, they will work anywhere. I believe we are just one step up from a coal miner.

Now I have seen those articles about cleaning your cleaner so the first thing I tried were the Dr Beckmann washing machine and dishwasher cleaners. Having never tried anything like this before, I was sceptical but all I can say is wow.

I never thought my dishwasher looked dirty but, after following the instructions and running a cycle, it was gleaming when it was done and the washing machine was the same. Who knew?

Next up was the stain removers.

I’ve got to admit here, sometimes, particularly after an extremely messy spag bol, I’ve thrown vest away. If after one wash the tomato sauce hasn’t come out, I give up.


If only I’d tried Dr Beckmann sooner. From Glowhite Ultra to Stain Devils, there is a product for any stain imaginable. Not only that but the Colour and Dirt Collector means you can safely wash darks and lights together with no worry of colour running.

Who doesn’t like products that make your life easier?

Thankfully you don’t have to take my word for it. Dr Beckmann are giving one lucky reader of my blog the chance to win a set of products for yourself.

Just fill in the Rafflecopter below.

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  1. This looks great. As im tube fed i get alot of stains from the fomula. They are so hard to get out of clothes and bed sheets x

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