Goat Trimming and Wheel Spinning


I never shy away from telling you that funny things happen to me quite a bit. An incident this week was no different.

I had picked Boo up from school and I often find it hard between school pick up and the time I make dinner to keep the children amused.

We usually just end up walking around the farm. Every day.

I know we are lucky to have a large outdoor space to do this but sometimes, a change is good, isn’t it?

Hubster suggested we drive over the fields to parts of the farm we hardly ever go to due to little legs and buggy restrictions.

I have a four-wheel-drive car so he told me where to put the four-wheel-drive on and off we went.

Just as we were about to set off though, our farrier turned up, offering to trim the goats’ feet.


It was their first time at having their hooves trimmed and I couldn’t say no so we reversed to the goat shed and, despite them being young and nervous, Chocolate and Chip were very well behaved.


It had taken up half an hour but the kids still wanted to go on our farmfari.

So off we went again.

There had been heron sightings in the summer and we have heard the yip yip of foxes so I promised the children we would see something exciting. I just didn’t bank on us being the stars of the exciting show.

We saw lots of sheep-obviously. My two love sheep thank goodness so they did enjoy that and we saw a squirrel bound in front of the car and up a tree.

Finally, we got to the place where hubster had told me to put the four-wheel-drive on. It was thrilling really to go off road.

I had all the windows open so we could experience the outdoors.

I’d say within a metre of pressing the four wheel drive button, my car stopped and, no matter how much I revved the engine, it would not move.

I tried reversing, turning the wheel but no. We were stuck.

Having taken so many photos of the goatlettes having their first manicure, my phone battery was on three per cent. I just had enough to call Hubster and say ‘We are stuck’. I heard him laughing as I put the phone down.

Ever the good blogger, I braved the mud with my last bit of battery, wearing my little suede pumps to get a photo-do I get an award for that?


Hubster and his friend came and were howling at me. Especially being so close to where I had gone into four-wheel-drive.


I’d like to say maybe my car isn’t up to such severe conditions but I think it could possibly be my driving skills. Hubster loved to torment me that he had a Class 1 license and I don’t.

Maybe I won’t crow that I’m a better driver from now on.

So we didn’t see a fox or a heron but I don’t think any of us will forget our farmfari in a hurry.

The trip also gave is an activity for the next night-cleaning my car.


Monkey and Mouse


  1. I won’t lie to you Em – these do not look good! When you use baking beans you have to put some crumpled non stick baking paper underneath the beans or they will simply get cooked into the pastry…x

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