1. Oh Emma, these are things I’m sure we can all relate to! I also think with subsequent babies we aren’t failing by being a little ‘less strict’ I think it just means we have figured out short cuts, things that work best for us and baby and let’s face it things that keep us sane! You’re doing a good job mama! πŸ™‚

  2. This is brilliant, I know with my baby I am quite particular but with a second you just don’t have the time. Bibs wise we go through the same amount, they don’t need to be washed if wet, just dry them out. There are bibs on every radiatorin the house. With weaning we found that using a few food bibs that cover arms and body helps to catch the mess! You are doing great, you could sell that bedtime routine!!

  3. I freaking love baby pudding or any rice pudding for that matter. Love that pic of the lamb. so bloody cute! A few germs will build there immune system, no harm. My 1 y/o practically eats off the floor lol

  4. Brilliant post! This really made me giggle! I don’t think they are fails though lovely – if they save you time, they are big wins! I’m off to buy myself some baby rice pudding xx

  5. Haha, I’m only on my first and I’m already ‘slipping’ a little! I’m pretty inspired by your idea of watching the news through the baby monitor – I will have to try that! As for baby rice pudding for breakfast? Genius! πŸ™‚ #maternitymondays

  6. Definitely deserve that wine! I’m failing at bedtime big time but winning on some other things I think! My littlest is nearly 9 months and soggy tops and bibs are de rigeur at the moment. #maternitymondays

  7. I don’t think that these are fails….I say mummy wins hehe!! I have to agree about the sterilising, I tend to just chuck things in the dishwasher although I am still sterilising bottles. Thanks for hosting! #mummymondays

  8. My word, sounds like you’re doing very well! Your sleep routine with 2 is better than mine with 1! I salut you really, I don’t know how mums do it with more than 1 child, and I’m not in a hurry to find out :-). #MaternityMondays

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