1. Well done! Shame about the cucumbers but hopefully they’ll do better next year. Mine actually grew from seed outside when I did them a few years ago and got on brilliantly. I haven’t got space to grow anything at the moment but I love growing and can’t wait to do it again in the future. By then I’ll be coming to you for tips!

  2. ah well done 🙂 a really good haul – it’s a lot easier to buy plant plugs not grow from seed esp with no greenhouse. cucumbers and courgette can get a bug that just destroys them overnight so that might be the culprit 🙁
    You can ripen your green tomatoes off the vine on sunny windowsill and/or in a paper bag with a banana
    Don’t be surprised if your mint disappears over the winter – but it will come back next year – keep it in a pot to stop spreading.
    And super well done for the beans 🙂 the crew look like they’re enjoying themselves 🙂
    lots love Bec xx

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