Our Little Christmas Tree Tradition

This time last year I bought Boo her own little Christmas tree for her bedroom.

Yesterday we put it up again. She loved doing it again but this year there was one notable addition to our activity.

Her baby brother.

2015-11-28 15.46.35

If truth be told, I am dreading putting up the main tree and I thought this exercise would be sort of a trial run.

I think the little tree is one foot tall (as opposed to the 7foot one in the living room.)

Before I even got the legs on it, Baby G had the tinsel in his mouth.

2015-11-28 15.50.48

Boo and I tried in vain to hang the little decorations on the tree.

This little one had other plans.

Thankfully, we were able to distract him with a toy while we hurriedly hung the baubles on one branch-as this was how Boo wanted them.


I then found our animated plush Christmas characters and both children really enjoyed playing with them.

We are really feeling festive now. I am going to have to put my thinking cap on about the big tree though.


For now, Boo was really pleased with her own little one.


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