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In our house, we don’t do chocolate for Easter. I think Boo gets enough chocolatey eggs off other people eggs off other people and I always got a gift rather than chocolate off my parents.

As Boo is a winter baby, outdoor, summer toys always seem pointless as a birthday present when snow is usually on the ground so Easter is the perfect excuse to give a toy that will bring hours of fun through the summer months.


Last year she received a wheel barrow off the Easter Bunny. She loves it and can often be seen wheeling it around the farm yard.

I have been thinking about a playhouse for some time but I have been torn between buying a plastic one or a wooden one.

There are pros and cons for both. I have been researching it for ages and even tweeted my question to gauge the reactions of other parents out there.

After a lot of consideration, we opted for the plastic variety. While many parents may groan at this, for us it was the best option.

For one, living on a farm, we have to have outdoor toys  that can be thoroughly wiped clean. Also, with a busy hubster and me doing all the mothering and house side of things, I don’t realistically have time to schedule a re-paint of a wooden playhouse every year or so.

Likewise, as we are right in the middle of lambing, there was no way Hubstrer could have sacrificed a day of his life to put together a wooden play house.

I am not making excuses. I am actually very pleased with our plastic option despite my previous plastic-aphobia.

My research has revealed that you can spend little or lots on playhouses. Some ‘big brand’ plastic varieties can cost upwards of £300 while wooden ones can cost in excess of £1200.

easy to put together

Now farmers are renowned for their tightness so when I found this Toys R Us beauty for £49.99, it had to appeal to Hubster’s generous side right?


When I compared the £1500 variety, his hand went straight in his pocket.

PicMonkey Collage

Do you now what? It is lovely. There is a little hole in the bottom which can be used as a cat flap. I say ‘can be used’ because in our house it is used as a dog flap. Boo couldn’t wait to get into it-even before the roof was on.

There is even a letter box.

It just goes to show that you can spend hundreds so of pounds on things for your children but sometimes they love cheaper options just as much.

right decision

I am so pleased with our play house and it was really easy to put together.

So easy, there is even the option to take it down for winter. I think we will just put it in a barn but the option is there.

I highly recommend the meadow xottahe


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