Our Summer 2016


It is finally here. The last day of the summer holidays.

At the beginning of the six weeks off, I did worry how I would fill Boo’s days. She is kept so busy at school and I just cannot compete with that.


Thankfully, I had nothing to worry about. We have had a lovely time. Unconventional but lovely.

I looked back at my post-Five Things I Want to Do This Summer and, while we may not have completed all five, we have had so much fun regardless.

Not having to rush around every morning for the school run has been so lovely and, if I am honest, I think this is the thing I will miss the most.

The weather has been changeable so when it was nice, Hubster was always busy so we didn’t get to go to the actual seaside.

Not to worry. Our local garden centre had a beach which more than made up for it-even if G did eat some sand. Oops.


We didn’t go to the cinema in the end and I justified this by thinking that movie trips are what winter is made for.


Our visit to Cheshire Ice Cream Farm was a bit of a disaster. It was the Friday of the Bank Holiday weekend. Creamfields was on and people were heading to the North Wales coast.

What should have been a 40-60 minute journey took two hours and, when we got there, my two hungry and very grumpy children were not in the mood for anything.

The queue for food was hideous and having seen ice cream, this was the only thing on Boo’s mind so chocolate ice cream for lunch it was.


It was so busy and, being on my own with the two of them, I was worried about the large crowds and allowing G to run off. I actually had nothing to worry about here. He too must be so used to open spaces that when he got out of his pushchair, he promptly jumped right back in which anyone who knows G knows is very out of character.

Then Boo said she wanted to go home so we basically drove a three-hour round trip for ice cream. I think we will try to go again but either with an extra pair of hands or in term-time.


It is all part of the fun but it did make me think we should have stayed at home.


We may not have been on holiday in the traditional sense but we got the pool out, played outside every day-sometimes all day.

We had some lovely picnics on hay fields we took lunch for hubster and we have created lovely summer memories.


I am going to miss her so much when Boo goes back to school and I know G will miss his big sister terribly.


I wrote a post over the summer saying you don’t need to go on holiday or spend loads of money to have a good time with your children and I wholeheartedly stand by that.

We have had the best time and that is all that matters. Happy children, happy parents.

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