5 Things I Want to do This Summer



It’s finally arrived, the last day of term. We have six weeks of school holidays stretching out before us.

Last year, I did a summer bucket list and it failed miserably. I suppose G wasn’t very old-that is my excuse anyway.

This year, I have decided to think smaller. That way we may have more of a chance at completing it.

So here are my five things I hope to do this summer.

  1. Go to the beach. It won’t be G’s first time. We did manage the beach last year but he was a small baby so it will be the first time he can really play on the sand.
  1. Go to the cinema. We are bound to have one rainy day at least-it is Britain after all. So I plan to take them both to watch a film.
  1. Visit Cheshire Ice Cream Farm. We have been dying to go here for ages and never made it, so it is on our list.
  1. Have a picnic at the farm-hopefully with Daddy. We have some beautuful fields on the farm. One with a lovely pond with fresh water mussels. Obviously we will have to keep an eye on G-he may have to eat his picnic wearing arm bands but it would be lovely.
  1. Visit the livestock auction again. We had such a good time last time and I have my heart set on more goats. I may not tell Hubster this one.

Have you got any plans for the summer holidays?




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