Our Tropical Inspired Bedroom

We moved to the farm five years ago. It’s a long story of how our house works which I think I will save for another blog post but, to cut it short, when we arrived, most of the rooms were painted in a neutral white or magnolia.

We only had Boo then and I painted her room myself.

Each of the three bedrooms only have three walls because we have built in cupboards in the eaves.

For our bedroom, two walls were painted white while for the ‘feature wall’ behind our bed, I chose a bright chartreuse yellow-almost mustard.

It went with the black bedding we already had.

With only one wall screaming colour though and they fact that I fancied new bedding, I started thinking about colour in early 2016.

Our wooden cupboard doors had still not been painted so I started by painting them silver.

I did paint my yellow wall with purple tester pots but that is all they continued to be-tests because, to be honest, I was just not feeling the purple.

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With the house being so old, I usually opt for a heritage-look florals or checks but I wanted our bedroom to be different.

Since the last time I searched for bedding though, it seems, matching curtains are a rarity so when I found a beautiful duvet cover I liked in Sainsbury’s, I bought a single one too and went begging to my lovely auntie who is a maker-extrordanaire and made my wedding dress, with the measurements of our little loft window.

Never one to let me down, my auntie made me a lovely little curtain out of the duvet cover and I then had to decide on a colour out of the floral to paint the feature wall.

I would usually go for pink to be honest (who wouldn’t?) but I did think it was Hubster’s room too and that maybe pink would not be his first choice.

So I made the bold decision (I think) to go for a vivid, almost jungle green.

I am so pleased I did.

While it is not quite the usual look I go for at the farm, it really has been a welcome change.

That moment when you first put the paint on the wall was a bit of a shocker but once the bed was back and the new bedding went on, I started to relax a but.

Getting pregnant again made the bedroom project drag on for much longer than I would usually allow-mainly down to the fact i needed to do another coat of paint on the wardrobe doors and, with it being metallic, it would have probably been unsafe to use in pregnancy.

The gap did give me more time to think about it though which has been a novelty as I usually rush in.

I have since found another set of tropical-styled bedding from Primark which I absolutely love and began adding accessories.

I was sick of white sheets too so I managed to get the hot pink into the room by grabbing some Dylon fabric dye in flamingo-what else and I dyed our boring white sheets this amazing pink colour.

We already had the King and Queen diamanté signs which I bought years ago in Matalan so, on the trip to IKEA to buy a new cot mattress, I bought two shelves which match the rest of our IKEA bedroom furniture and they were put up high above our beds.

Onto them, I added a tropical pineapple frame from Debenhams and a fake ivy plant on each side-again from IKEA.

Around the dressing table mirror, I added a set of flamingo string lights which is my little indulgence-I love, love, love flamingos and, in the rest of my country home, they just wouldn’t go so I am so pleased with them.

While the baby is young and still in or room, we just have to put up with the topsy turvy layout.

My dressing table is usually on the other side of the room but, with the cot there, it is in its new home until the baby goes in with his brother.

The framed Chanel poster by Andy Warhol has a bit of a story behind it which I will save for another day but, needless to say, it is one of my favourite decorative things in my house.

So what do you think of my tropical bedroom? I thought if I can’t actually leave the farm for some sun, I would bring the tropics to me.


  1. I love love love this room! You must wake up feeling like you’re on holiday every morning. That Chanel print is amazing! Xx

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